Hard Rock Live Orlando

6050 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819

Hard Rock Live Orlando Venue Information

Orlando’s “Coliseum of Rock” is the destination for the hottest entertainment. Step through the grand entrance to enjoy a show at this amazing venue, which accommodates up to 3,000 guests for a concert or special event. Hard Rock Live Orlando offers the latest in sound and lighting technology to ensure a memorable experience from the first note to the last.

  • Venue Seating

    To request venue specs and tech guidelines, please send your request to orlando.live@hardrock.com


  • Guest Guide
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    Hard Rock Live Orlando Guest Guidelines are written to establish thoughtful rules and regulations that will maximize the enjoyment for our guests. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about attending a live event, complete with information about Accessibility, Directions, Security, Tickets, Parking, Seating, and What is allowed inside CityWalk.

    To view the Guest Guide, use the download button below. If you have any questions, please e-mail our ticket office orlando.live@hardrock.com. Thanks!


    ADA Information

    Hard Rock Live provides ADA seating per request through Ticketmaster via www.ticketmaster.com or by phone at 1-800-745-3000.  Additionally, should there be any questions regarding ADA accommodations, included but not limited to ticketing, please contact us via email at Orlando.Live@hardrock.com or call our Box Office at 407-351-LIVE (5483).  ADA Accessible restrooms are located off the lobby as well as in the basement via elevator access.


    Hard Rock Live is located at 6050 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819.  Please note that we are located at Universal CityWalk as part of Universal Orlando Resort.


    Hard Rock Live is located 18 miles from Orlando International Airport and 37 miles from Orlando Sanford International Airport.


    For safety, and as a courtesy to other guests, aisles must be kept clear at all times.  Please follow the directions of our Hosts and Security and refrain from standing in the aisles.  Dancing, lingering, etc. in the aisles will not be allowed.

    Alcohol Serving and Consumption

    Guests are expected to obey all state and local laws governing the purchase, possession, and consumption of alcohol.  It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcoholic beverages. In addition, the following items are to be noted:

    •    Hard Rock Live reserves the right to deny entry to guests who appear to be impaired.

    •    Alcoholic beverages will not be served in containers larger than 22 ounces.

    •    There shall be a maximum limit of one alcoholic beverage sold to each Guest, per purchase, per valid ID.

    •    All Guests who appear to be younger than the age of forty (40) will be asked to show valid identification prior to being served alcoholic beverages.

    •    Acceptable forms of valid United States identification are: Driver's License, Passport, United States Passport Card, State Issued I.D. Card w/ Photo, Military I.D. w/ Photo, Canadian Driver’s License.  International licenses will not be accepted.

    •    Hard Rock Live reserves the right to eject anyone under the age of twenty-one (21) who is observed to be in possession of, or consuming alcohol on the premises. These individuals may also be subject to OPD prosecution.

    ·         •    Hard Rock Live will implement ongoing responsible alcohol management Serve Safe Alcohol Certification training sessions for its serving staff. All guests are expected to consume alcohol responsibly.    Any violation of conduct will result ejection without refund.

    Alcohol Service Discontinuation

    The sale and service of all alcoholic beverages will cease at the end of the performance/event.  Alcohol service can also be discontinued at the discretion of management.


    Animals are not allowed in Hard Rock Live; however, an exception is made for leashed, harnessed, and housebroken Service Animals.  Be advised Hard Rock Live reserves the right to exclude Service Animals which act in “out of control” manners.  If a patron plans on bringing a service animal into the venue, we encourage them to contact us as early as possible for potential seating relocation purposes.

    Assisted Listening Devices

    Assisted listening devices, which operate on a wireless system, are available for deaf and hearing impaired individuals. Please see a Host or Manager upon your arrival to arrange for use.  You will be required to leave valid identification such as a driver's license as collateral, which will be returned upon return of the device in the same condition. There is no charge for this service.


    Hard Rock Live does have an ATM inside the venue located near the bathrooms in the basement.  We accept credit cards at all of our beverage and concession locations.  Artist merchandise is subject to change for each event.

    Baby Changing Tables

    Hard Rock Live has a baby changing table available in our ADA/ Family restroom located off of the venue lobby. 

    Baby Bags/Bottles/Formula

    Baby bags, plastic bottles, and formula are permitted into the building. Should the bag become an obstruction due to its size, guests may be asked to check the bag in to Box Office.  All bags are subject to search by venue Security.

    Bags/Backpacks/Large Bags/Suitcases

    Oversized bags, e.g. backpacks, suitcases, beach bags, etc. will be prohibited from entry.  Any bags larger than 12”x 12”.   All bags are subject to search by Security.

    Backstage/Event Level

    Guests who are seeking access backstage may do so only with proper credentials.  Guests found to be in these locations without proper credentials will be subject to ejection and/or arrest.


    Guests are welcome to bring their personal binoculars for most events.

    Booster Seats

    Hard Rock Live does not provide Booster Seats at any performance.  Guests are welcome to bring their own booster seat granted it does not disturb or obstruct other guests’ line of sight.

    Box Office

    The Hard Rock Live Box Office is located outside the main entrance of the venue and is open Monday through Sunday, 10AM through 9PM. Tickets and information for events can be found online by clicking on Event Calendar. To purchase tickets, visit Ticketmaster.com, call 1-800-745-3000, visit the Hard Rock Live Box Office, call 407-351-LIVE (5483) or visit any Ticketmaster outlet.


    Cameras with telephoto or interchangeable/detachable lenses and external flash (professional photography equipment) are not permitted inside Hard Rock Live at any time.  Video recording devices, audio recording devices, monopods, bipods and tripods are also not permitted.  Video recording on any device and/or flash photography is prohibited at all times. This policy will be strictly enforced and management reserves the right to deny any electronic device at their discretion.  Professional photography is only permitted during events with proper credentials, and is subject to rules and regulations set forth by venue and event personnel.  Point and shoot non-professional cameras are permitted at the artist’s discretion.  In some cases, performing artists may ban all camera usage from guests.

    Cancelled/Postponed Events

    In the rare event that a Hard Rock Live event is cancelled or postponed, please visit the specific event page or hardrock.com/live/locations/Orlando or email Orlando.Live@hardrock.com for more information.   Refunds will be available at point of purchase.

    Child Admissions

    If you are interested in bringing a child age 2 or under to an event, please contact the Box Office for more information.  Some events are intended for mature audiences, in which case young children may not be permitted to attend.  For age restrictions, visit the specific event page in our calendar section, or call the Box Office during regular business hours.  Hard Rock Live management strongly urges all guests under 18 years of age to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  All guests must have a ticket.

    Coat/Umbrella Check

    Hard Rock Live does not provide an area to check coats, umbrellas or personal belongings.  Hard Rock Live is not responsible for any property that is lost, stolen, or damaged.

    Code of Conduct

    Hard Rock Live is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable entertainment experience.  Guests have a right to expect an environment where:

    •    Guests will be treated in a consistent, professional and courteous manner by all venue personnel.

    •    Guests will consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. Intervention with an impaired or underage guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.

    •    Guests will sit only in their ticketed seats and must show their tickets when requested.

    •    Guests who engage in fighting, throwing objects or attempt to enter areas not ticketed will be immediately ejected from the venue.

    •    Guests will not be permitted to smoke in Hard Rock Live at any time. Please see an Usher or any Hard Rock Live staff person to locate designated smoking areas for each event.

    •    Guests will comply with requests from venue staff regarding facility operations and emergency response procedures.

    •    Guests will be required to wear a shirt, shoes and lower garments at all times for their own safety.  Hard Rock Live management reserves the right to deny entry to guests wearing clothing items or signs displaying offensive text and/or images.

    •    Guests will be responsible for their own good time by reporting inappropriate behavior.

    •    Your ticket is a revocable license for the event attended and is subject to the full terms found at Ticketmaster.com.  Management reserves the right to revoke this license without refund for non-compliance with Ticketmaster and Hard Rock Live terms and policies.

    Hard Rock Live staff may intervene where necessary to help ensure that the above expectations are met.  Guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest security staff, or Hard Rock Live staff member.  Guests who choose not to adhere to these provisions will be subject to ejection without refund, and may also be in violation of city ordinances resulting in possible arrest and prosecution. 

    Compliments, Comments, Concerns

    During an event, guests are recommended to express any compliments, comments, or concerns to any of our Hard Rock Live employees, or Security staff.  After an event, please email Orlando.Live@hardrock.com to give feedback.


    The concession stand is open for most events and can be found just inside the main venue at house right. The menu will vary for each event, but will offer items include nachos, beef sliders, pretzels, chicken fingers, popcorn and more.  The concessions stand will close approximately 30 minutes before end of show, however closing time is subject to change. No outside food or beverages (including water) will be allowed into the venue. No empty containers will be allowed into the venue.


    Hard Rock Live welcomes all feedback, questions, and concerns from our Guests. To contact us via e-mail, please contact Orlando.Live@hardrock.com.  Most e-mails will receive a return reply within 48 hours.


    Please visit our Directions page for assistance in traveling to the Hard Rock Live.  We are located at 6050 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819 at Universal CItyWalk, part of Universal Orlando.


    All Guests must maintain reasonable and appropriate behavior at all times. Guests using offensive language or engaging in disorderly conduct may be ejected from the facility and may be subject to arrest.  Ejected guests will not receive a refund for their tickets and/or will not be compensated in any way for their loss.

    Disturbances include, but are not limited to, the following:

    •    Standing on chairs

    •    Placing children or any person on shoulders

    •    Drunk and disorderly conduct

    •    Fighting or challenging others to fight

    •    Exposing private body parts

    •    Interference with the event

    •    Violation of Hard Rock Live event policies

    •    Violation of the local, state, and federal laws and statutes

    •    Igniting and display of flames, e.g. lighters / matches, in the venue

    •    Attempting to enter the stage or backstage areas without credentials

    •    Throwing, discharging, or launching any objects including liquid substances

    •    Willfully and maliciously disturbing another Guest / employee with loud and unreasonable noise

    •    Using profanity and/or offensive words, which are likely to provoke a violent reaction from others including but not limited to employees, guests and performers

    ·         Smoking anywhere inside the venue (including e-cigarettes)

    Door Opening

    Door opening times for the majority of Hard Rock Live events will be 60 minutes prior to the start of performance, but is subject to change dependent on the event.  Please reference the event page on hardrocklive.com/locations/orlando for specific information.

    Dress Code

    All guests in attendance are required to wear a shirt, shoes, and appropriate lower coverings at all times for their own safety.  Hard Rock Live management reserves the right to deny entry to guests wearing clothing items displaying offensive text and/or images.

    Drones For the enjoyment of all guests, Hard Rock Live does not allow the use of drones of any kind inside the building or on Hard Rock Live/Universal property. 


    Elevator access is available to access the balcony, John Lennon Room/VIP, and basement (restrooms/ATM).  Proper ticket and/or credentials required to access the balcony and John Lennon Room/VIP areas. 


    Trained Hosts and Security personnel will ensure the security and safety of all guests, performers, and employees at Hard Rock Live.  In the case of an emergency, guests must comply with requests from venue staff regarding venue operations and emergency response procedures.

    Employment Opportunities

    For employment opportunities at Hard Rock Live, please visit http://www.hardrock.com/corporate/careers.


    Hard Rock Live has one main entrance located beneath our marquee.  We are located at Universal CityWalk between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks, next to the Hard Rock Cafe.  Please note, parking fees for accessing the Universal parking lots may apply when attending Hard Rock Live. 

    Entry Inspections

    All guests entering Hard Rock Live are subject to security screening using walkthrough magnetometers and handheld metal detectors, visual inspection, and bag inspection conducted by Hard Rock Live Security personnel. Security screenings are designed to detect prohibited items from entering the venue and ensure the safety of guests and employees. Guests who refuse this security screening will not be allowed to enter the venue. Should any guest have a physical condition that does not allow them to walk through a magnetometer (e.g. pacemaker), please notify our Security personnel.  Additionally, all guests accessing Universal Orlando are required to undergo a similar security screening. 


    Please visit our page at www.facebook.com/hardrockliveorlando.

    Fire Arms

    Hard Rock Live does not allow firearms to be carried into the building, there will be no exceptions to this policy.

    First Aid

    Trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) personnel are available to assist any guest at Hard Rock Live for events.  Locate your closest Security personnel of Hard Rock Live in the event of emergency.

    Flyers/Handouts/Product Samples

    The distribution of promotional items, flyers, or printed materials is not permitted without written permission of Hard Rock Live and/or its tenants.  The sampling and distribution of products/materials is prohibited inside and outside of the building without proper permission and written consent of Hard Rock Live.

    Food and Beverages

    Guests may not bring outside food and/or beverage items into the venue (including water).

    Glass bottles or metal canisters are strictly prohibited. Guests must dispose of the unauthorized items prior to entrance into the venue or return them to their vehicle. The Box Office will not check-in or store any food or beverage items.  Guests with specific/special dietary needs due to medical conditions or religious requirements should contact Orlando.Live@hardrock.com.

    Food/Snack Offerings

    The concessions stand can be found just inside the main venue at house right. The menu will vary for each event, but will offer items include pizza, chips, mac and cheese, hot dogs, chicken fingers, popcorn and more.  The concessions stand will close approximately 30 minutes before end of show, however closing time is subject to change. No outside food or beverages (including water) will be allowed into the venue. No empty containers will be allowed into the venue.

    General Admission (GA)

    For many performances the General Admission area, located in front of the stage and in the ‘pit’ area, is standing room only and there are no seats.  Doors will open at the same time for all Guests.  For select shows, GA tickets will grant access to the 'wings' on the left and right of the main venue, surrounding the main seated floor.

    Please note, stage diving, ‘moshing’, crowd surfing or any other unruly behavior will not be tolerated and subject to ejection without refund.

    Group Info/Reservations

    For information regarding Group Sales Ticketing please contact orlando_sales@hardrock.com.

    Levels of the Hard Rock Live

    •    Main


    •    John Lennon Room and Terrace

    •    Basement (restrooms/ATM)

    Lining Up

    While we respect fans’ desire to line up for their favorite artist well in advance of our door open times at Hard Rock Live, we discourage doing so for a few reasons.  Given our location on Universal City Walk, there are special factors that may be challenging for the order and ability for fans to queue.  We also promote safety first and given Florida weather, long periods of time in the elements with limited supplies may be taxing to one’s health and well-being.  Please take these factors into consideration.  All queuing areas are uncovered.   Lining up overnight is prohibited and subject to Universal Orlando hours of operation.  

    Lost Children/Guests

    Lost children/Guests should be directed to the nearest Security personnel, who are located throughout the venue at every event. Security staff will immediately notify a Manager that they have received a report of a lost or missing child, (referred to as a Code Adam), and the Manager in turn, will immediately notify the Command Center and all other Departments.  Parents looking for a lost child should contact the nearest Security Officer.  For safety reasons, Hard Rock Live is unable to make in-venue announcements for lost children or guests.

    Lost and Found

    All lost and found items are taken to the main Bob Dylan motorcycle bar.  During an event, guests should locate a Security personnel or Hard Rock Live staff employee to inquire about lost items.  After an event, please contact Orlando.Live@hardrock.com with a description of the item and the date the item was lost.  Hard Rock Live management assumes no responsibility for items lost or stolen.

    Lost/Stolen Tickets

    For lost tickets, guests must contact their point of purchase. For stolen tickets, guests should contact local law enforcement first, then their point of purchase.

    Meet and Greets

    Hard Rock Live does not process meet and greet requests.  Please contact the individual artist or production through their website.  Select artists performing at the venue will offer meet and greet ticket packages available via Ticketmaster or through their respective Fan Club/website.


    Merchandise offerings inside Hard Rock Live will be determined on a per event basis.   Any Hard Rock Live staff member can assist in locating the event merchandise sales area.

    Methods of Payment


    Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

    Checks are not accepted

    Credit Cards may not be accepted at the Event merchandise table.  This will be determined by artist and venue management on a show-by-show basis.   Hard Rock Live does have an ATM inside the venue located near the bathrooms in the basement for your convenience.


    Parking for Hard Rock Live is available at Universal Orlando Resort's enclosed parking garage.  Information, pricing, and valet details, are available by visit www.universalorlando.com/Resort-Information/Parking-Information.aspx

    Hard Rock Live is not responsible for any parking tickets, vandalism, etc., while parking for an event or otherwise.   Hard Rock Live does not validate parking.

    Please be aware, once parked in the Universal lots the walk to Hard Rock Live will take approximately 15-20 minutes.  If you require ADA services, please request an accommodation with Universal at the parking lots, immediately after parking.

    Premium Seats

    Hard Rock Live offers a variety of Premium Seat packages in our reserved table and balcony section.  For more information regarding venue seating, visit www.hardrock.com/live/locations/orlando/venue-information.aspx or call the Box Office at 407-351-5483 (LIVE).  Reserved tables are only available through the Box Office.  The Rewards Lounge at the John Lennon Room will be available for select shows, please check the event calendar for updates or call the Box Office.

    Presale Opportunities

    Join Hard Rock Rewards to receive exclusive presale codes for your favorite events.  Please visit https://members.hardrock.com/rewards-home to sign up now! 

    Prohibited Items

    The following is a partial list of prohibited items that are not permitted inside the venue. Hard Rock Live Management reserves the right to prohibit other items as deemed necessary.

    Cameras with external flash or interchangeable lenses

    Audio/video recording devices


    Laser pointers

    Illegal drugs/substances

    Weapons of any kind

    Noise making devices




    Selfie sticks



    Outside food or beverage (no alcohol)

    Oversized bags or backpacks

    Beach balls or projectiles


    Cans, rambler bottles or bottles

    Pets (service animals exempt)


    Signs, posters or garments with explicit language, profanity, or derogatory characterization directed toward any person.

    Portable chairs

    Public Transportation

    Hard Rock Live is located at 6050 Universal Blvd, Orlando, Florida, 32819. The venue is located at Universal City Walk at Universal Orlando Resort. For detailed public transportation directions, please visit MTA.info.

    Please also visit the ‘Directions and Parking’ link on our website.


    Guests are recommended to express any questions, compliments, comments, or concerns to any of our Hard Rock Live employees, or Security staff.  Please email Orlando.Live@hardrock.com with any questions regarding upcoming or past events.


    Hard Rock Live has a "No Re-Entry" policy for all events.

    Recording Devices

    Guests may not bring audio or video recording devices into the venue. These devices include, but are not limited to, video cameras/camcorders and audio recording devices. Any equipment not conforming to these rules must be removed from the premises.


    Hard Rock Live has restrooms for all guests located on the basement level, accessible by stairs or elevator.  Additionally we offer one ADA/ Family restroom located off the lobby which is equipped with  a baby changing station.

    Seat Size

    ·         For seated events, seats at Hard Rock Live are measured as follows: Balcony tables: 19” in width

    ·         Balcony high top tables:  17” in width

    ·         Balcony seating:  21 inches in width

    ·         Floor seating (for select seated shows):  16 inches in width

    Security Screening

    For safety purposes, all guests entering Hard Rock Live will be scanned and have their belongings searched.  The use of walkthrough magnetometers, handheld metal detectors and bag checks are employed to achieve a standard level of safety.  Hard Rock Live reserves the right to confiscate items which may cause danger or disruption to the event or other guests, or which are in breach of building policies and/or prohibited items.  Any guest who declines to be security screened by these methods may be denied entry or ejected from Hard Rock Live.

    See Something Say Something

    The If You See Something, Say Something™ campaign is a simple and effective program to engage the public and key frontline employees in identifying and reporting indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats to the proper transportation and law enforcement authorities.  If you see something, say something!  To report suspicious activity, see the nearest Host or Security staff member or call 855-FLA-SAFE (855-352-7233).


    Signs, banners, poster and flags will not be allowed into Hard Rock Live for any event, unless otherwise stated.

    Smoking/Non-Smoking Environment

    Smoking is not permitted in the venue at any time.  Additionally, electronic smoking devices are not permitted to be used inside the building.  Hard Rock Live will have an outdoor smoking area which will be available for use only after ingress is substantially complete.  Please visit the main entrance for assistance to the smoking area.

    Special Events

    Hard Rock Live can assist in planning and hosting private events.  For more information, please contact Hard Rock Live via email at orlando_sales@hardrock.com.

    Standing Policy

    Guests are allowed to stand during an event, provided that they are only occupying the area in front of their ticketed seat.  For the enjoyment of all guests, we request that guests are aware of others in attendance and the crowd dynamic when choosing to stand.  Standing in aisles, and on chairs is strictly prohibited.


    Guests are encouraged not to bring strollers to the Hard Rock Live if possible. Strollers are not permitted in the seating sections of the venue due to potential safety hazards, however; strollers may be placed in the stroller section outside of the Hard Rock Cafe, next to the Hard Rock Live venue.


    Please contact Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000 or call the Box Office at 407-351-5483 for information regarding ticket pricing and availability. Please note Hard Rock Live only recognizes Ticketmaster as our ticketing agent. We strongly discourage purchasing tickets from any third party vendor.

    Ticketmaster account holders who are unable to print tickets prior to entering the event can visit the Box Office for further assistance.  The Box Office will not print tickets for guests who purchased through a third party ticketing vendor.

    Original ticket purchasers with Print-at-Home tickets should print their tickets prior to entering Hard Rock Live. If you are not the original ticket purchaser, Hard Rock Live will not print your tickets on premises. Please make alternate arrangements to print your tickets prior to entering venue. Ticketmaster mobile tickets (QR Code) are an exception to this and can be scanned at the entrance.

    Please note: Tickets will be available at the box office on the first day of the public on sale.

    Ticket Resale

    To avoid issues with counterfeit, stolen or voided tickets, guests should make all ticketing purchases through authorized outlets only.  Hard Rock Live will not be responsible for validating tickets that were not purchased through an authorized outlet.


    Tweet Us!  Twitter.com/hardrockliveorl

    Water/Drinking Fountains

    We have two water/drinking fountains located on the basement level outside of the restrooms.

    Will Call

    Will call will be available for pick up at the Box Office, located directly next to the main entrance of Hard Rock Live.  Box office hours are Monday - Sunday 10am through 9pm. 

    • Stage Bathroom:

      • Outside of upstage right door
      • No shower
    • Backstage Flex Room (Stage-Level Office, Quick Change):

      • 10’x9’ space with pull velour curtain for privacy
      • Tables, chairs, lighting, internet, analog phone line (no restrictions)
    • Dressing Room One:

      • 24’ deep x 18’ wide
      • Bathroom equipped with shower (Dressing Rooms One and Two have double doors between)
    • Dressing Room Two:

      • 24’ deep x 17’ wide
      • Bathroom equipped with shower (Dressing Rooms One and Two have double doors between)
    • Dressing Room Three:

      • 24’ deep x 15’ wide
      • Bathroom equipped with shower (Dressing Rooms Three and Four have double doors between)
    • Dressing Room Four:

      • 24’ deep x 15’ wide
      • Bathroom equipped with shower (Dressing Rooms Three and Four have double doors between)
    • Tour Manager’s Office:

      • 10’ deep x 10’ wide with desk, chairs, phone, and cat5 Internet port
    • Green Room / Catering:

      • 36’ deep x 30’wide
      • Bathroom does not have a shower
    • Loading Docks:

      • 3 truck height docks
      • Ramp adjacent to the loading dock for loading from the back stage lot
    • Bus Parking:

      • 3 - 45’ busses can park in bay adjacent to loading dock bay
      • 1 - 45’ busses can park in loading dock area if space is open
      • 1 - additional slot can be provided per advance
    • Shore Power:

      • 5 - 50 AMP, single-phase 4-prong dryer plug for bus power
      • 1 - 200 Amp, 3-phase service truck power
    • Stage Power:

      • 6 - 400 AMP, 3-phase services with Camlocks (off sr. wall)
      • 1 - 200 AMP, 3-phase services with Camlocks (USR wall)
      • 1 - 200 AMP, 3-phase service with Camlocks on an ISO-transformer - off sl wall
      • 1 - 200 AMP, 3-phase service with Camlocks (FOH catwalk)
    • Venue Dimensions:

      • Downstage edge center to the upstage wall - 40’
      • Stage width at the proscenium opening - 50’
      • Width of the stage at mid-stage - 88’
      • Width of the stage at the upstage wall - 64’
      • Stage height from Live floor - 54”
      • Stage floor to onstage steel height - 41’10”
      • Stage floor to onstage catwalk height (10’ from DSE) - 31’ (proscenium opening)
      • Live floor to drop ceiling height - 36’ (high steel above drop ceiling, limited holes for rigging)
    • Stage Risers:

      • 7 - 4’x8’ StageRight dual-sided decks
      • 7 - aluminum rolling 4’x8’ riser X frames - 14” rolling risers
      • 14 - aluminum extensions to make 24” rolling risers
      • 2 - 2’x8’ StageRight custom extension spanner decks
      • 1 - 1’x8’ StageRight custom extension spanner decks

    General Admission – Floor, Reserved Balcony

    General Admission
    Balcony Tables

    All Reserved

    All Reserved
    Balcony Tables

    Gold Circle (Reserved Main Floor & Balcony, GA Along the Perimeter of the Floor)

    Gold Circle
    Balcony Tables
    Specials & Promotions